3 Best CMS for E-Commerce Sites Free of Cost

E-Commerce Sites: where you can easily buy and sell your goods and services using the internet. It can also help full to transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. There are 3 types of e-commerce first one is Business-to-business best example for this type is Ali baba.com. The second is Business-to-consumer and the last one is Consumer-to-consumer and its best example is OLX. It also allows you to create and update your online store also very popular for small business owners. Here are 4 best e-commerce and its cost for new and growing businesses.

Shopify CMS

It is an e-commerce platform through which you can create your own websites to sell your product online. It is not an online marketplace like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. It is a flexible e-commerce platform and about 800,000 businesses worldwide use the Shopify platform. Small business can set up their online store, manages their products, and handles all the order in a signal dashboard. You can customize your storefront with templates and also get full access to HTML and CSS for your website and fully features CMS.



You can fulfill multiple orders at the same time. You can enable a mobile commerce shopping cart, gift card, discount, social media integration, and Facebook selling. It offers 24/7 support. Shopify support via phone is only available for the UK, US, NEW ZEELAND, And Australia. Shopify is very perfect for those who want to start a drop shipping business and small business. It cost for new users is $29/month and for growing businesses is $79/month and for an advance features for sailing your business is $299/month.

Magento CMS

It is a free and open-source CMS platform. It is a platform where you don’t have to pay for any software also in open source software you will have the right to use and modifies the different facility of the software based on your need. In open source software, you can use the source code of the software to see how it is built and you can customize that. Now magneto is a content management system platform that is used to develop an e-commerce website. In magneto, you can easily buy or sell your product and ship to the place you don’t have to physically visit a store to purchase any product you buy the product online it will be delivered to your desired address so this is the beauty of e-commerce platform. You don’t have to visit any store items that will ship to the desired address. Magneto is the application that is built PHP as a programming language that is used to develop a similar kind of e-commerce applications.



Magneto was originally developed by the company called Varian in 2008 march 31. In 2010 eBay made an investment in magneto. In 2011 eBay bought 100% of magneto’s shares. It organized its first conference in 2011. In 2015 magneto was acquired by a global investment firm called Permira in the same year magneto 2.0 was released which is the latest version of the magneto. It is available in two versions 1. X and 2.X. it is use build-in theme responsive and SEO-optimized to any device and also support multi-channel marketing. It helps to update and manages data from multiple sources in one place and also integrates with B2B functionality. Magneto is a powerful, SEO-friendly, and fast-loading platform. It has a big community with 360,000 forum members. Here you can any advice, FAQs, documents, or anything essential to understanding this platform. Magneto is difficult for non-technical people to use and expensive as compared to others. This type of website needs hosting. When we talk about its costing rates so its starting price is $1988/month. It is suitable for large-scale online businesses.

WordPress Woocommer CMS

WORDPRESS is the best CMS platform and it is natural that 41% of all websites on the internet use WordPress to power them. WordPress is a free open source CMS that was originally designed for blogging but now it can use to build websites online stores and everything else. It gives you flexibility and freedom the offer any type of website.



You can start an online store, blogs, great membership sites, and more business from here. You can do all of that with very little technical knowledge or coding knowledge. We can also build an eCommerce store using WordPress woo commerce plugin and add multiple types of payment methods and shipping methods at no cost. There are also many E-commerce themes available in the market.
1) Avada
2) Martfury
3) Electro
4) Woodmart

And much more


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